22below is located in Charlotte, NC and founded by Kenny Ramsey. I stepped away from a successful thermal technology startup, self-funded the research and development of a new thermal cooling brand. With over 10 years in various thermal technology fields, working on projects from NASA down to BP. I'm now on a mission to bring the world the very best thermal products to use in the great outdoors. 

We believe in innovation and the never ending pursuit of just that. One day 22below will be a industry leader in innovative yet stylish outdoor products. We're also proud of our commitment to American innovation and production.

22below believes in the idea of American Quality like our grandparents talked about. We are rebooting that commitment to quality and putting Americans back to work, not just talking about it.

22below refuses to follow the leaders in the market by sourcing our design and manufacturing overseas. We are committed to our mission.

Facts about Kenny 

- I remember reading racing rulebooks in 10th grade trying to figure out ways to help a friend get his racecar better. Later when I started racing I read the rulebook on a daily basis, trying to figure out how to beat them rules to make my car go faster. 
- I starting racing cars professionally at 19 years old. 
- Owned my own motorsports team by 20 years old
- Wildly successful at professional racing in the Carolina's for the 6 years I drove
- Know for doing more with less. Ran and beat teams we had no business being competitive with financially or experience. 
- Know for my entertaining aggressive driving style.
- Won the track points championship in my rookie season
- Set a track time record. 
- Wins in three different divisions
- Over 40 career wins. 
- Obtained an HVAC refrigeration degree at York Technical College.
- Worked in HVAC refrigeration for 5 years
- Worked in Compressed gases/moisture elimination systems industry for 2 years
- Joined a Thermal Technology Start-up as the first employee. Helped grow it to 3 million a year with 3 employees. 
- Partnered on multiple product designs
- Worked on Projects for NASA, BP, Shell, Exxon, Hershey Chocolate, 
- Started 22below April 2017
- Quit Thermal Start-up Jan 2017 to pursue 22below and develop the Sub-Zero
- Successfully funded Kickstarter July 2017
- Successfully manufactured first sub-zero's
- Successfully shipped all Kickstarter orders
- Having success outside of Kickstarter
- 22below has been bootstrapped and individually owned by myself Kenny Ramsey
- Our product is Made in America, on a Military base, by a business owned by 2 women